Why be productive?

Why be productive

Many people ask me if I have any time that is not planned. Beneath that question is another one—do I have spare time when I do nothing? I find that question intriguing. It shows me that many people don’t know why it’s worth planning ahead and work on specific tasks at specific times. Today, I am writing about why it is worth being productive.

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The four stages of competence and building a habit

Four stages of competence

One of the best ways to become productive is to invest your time in building habits. I’ve written about this a number of times. Today, I’ll show you (or, for some of you, give a reminder about) the four stages of competence. This model clearly describes how one can build a habit. Read on to learn more about this model.

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Our vocabulary shapes our behavior – Why you should avoid „try,” „need,” and „have to.”

Our vocabulary shapes our behavior

How often do you say “I have to”? Do you say “I’ll try…”? I really believe that the language we use shapes our behavior. I wonder if you get the same impression. I hope that you’ll find my thoughts and tips on this topic useful.

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3 ways to fight FOMO

Fight FOMO

You have a great chance to suffer from FOMO even if you don’t know what it is. I know that I have it. How can you fight FOMO? I’m writing this post also, or maybe even especially, for myself— to remind myself how to fight it. Read on!

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New findings from the book “The ONE Thing”

book - the one thing

Do you read some books more than once? I do. Why? I find that I miss a lot with the first read. Maybe you do the same? You may remember the main ideas and basic concepts. But the details are important too! And you may slip past them during the first read. When you read a book for the second time, you have a greater chance of catching those details. I reread some books recently and the same pattern repeats every time—I’m surprised with the number of additional details I catch.

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4 steps to remember more from the books you read

The poster for the book "The 12 week year"

How much do you remember from the books you read? I bet you remember some, but would like to remember more. Every time I read a book for the second time I’m surprised how little stayed in my memory. That’s why I created my own reading approach to remember more from the books I read. It consists of 4 simple steps.

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Show appreciation

show appreciation

Marcin, the way you ran the meeting was excellent. It was to the point, and everything was on time.

Marek, you prepared a great template. It’s so easy to use!

Andrzej, I heard how you handled that case with Grzegorz. I really appreciate the way you solved it.

Jacek, thank you for the report you sent me yesterday. It contains everything I asked for.

Kasia, your presentation yesterday was really interesting. I remembered a lot of details.

Marian, I really like your pants! You look great in them.

Guys, you did really well! The way you solved that problem was excellent. Everyone knows what
the issue was and no one feels resentful.

Yesterday’s dinner was really delicious. It was a pleasant to be your guest!

How often do you say similar things to your friends, employees, and colleagues? How often do you praise others and notice well-executed tasks? Probably not often enough!

Simple words that show that you notice something done well are priceless. They make other people feel appreciated and more confident, people want to continue to perform well.

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